Strange People

There’s these stories going on about ‘the woman behind the man’, or the other way around
And then there are these duos that are balanced like a yin-yang picture in yoga class. Those who are pronounced in one and the same breath, like love and marriage, Brangelina, or Silas and Chrissie.

Silas Van Laeken was already in bands back when he was in kindergarten. Today, nothing’s changed. He taught himself to play the guitar and now fronts bands like Silas en De Spreeuwen, Zebra’s Are Timeless and Booty Call, gracing stages from Ghent’s Charlatan to Suikerrock in Tienen. As a street pirate, he combines theatre and music and coaches other young artists. Behind the scenes, he’s the man to manage festival and events on the production side.

Clad in diamonds or dressed down in production black, Chrissie Vanaelst is a dame who shines whether she’s on stage or in the side wings. She’s a dancer, a choreographer, a host and a production princess. A gal who knows where the gaffa tape is and writes call sheets while practising her pirouettes. Plus, she knows just who to call to add the perfect cast of characters to your grand soirée.

And then, one day, he asked for her hand in marriage. Ever since, they’ve been making fireworks. For you.

Strange Ideas

We sell big smiles. Preferably on your face, mixed with some delight and the stuff memories are made of.

To pull off that hattrick, there’s only one recipe: happy artists. Because happy artists make a happy audience. Without a doubt, we choose local talent that’s spontaneous and brimming with ideas. And for every occasion, we’ll wrap their performance up in a big bow.

Our own on-stage experience has taught us that the details matter, backstage as much as under the spotlights. We get our kicks out of everything being just right. To get that, we listen to your fairy tales and dreams before starting to build them.

In a word, we create artistic concepts for events. A lot of big words, which in the end tell you it’s going to be one of those nights you won’t forget.

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